Step Right This Way

The bearded lady
Has scars on her wrists
She cries as they tell her the news
And the clown with his gout
And his oversized feet
Can’t fit in his oversized shoes.

The dwarf stands tall
Takes a drink from his flask
Then coughs up the phlegm in his chest
And the dog-faced boy
Rips off his dog-collar
And washes the blood from his vest.

The world’s strongest man
Is just a dead weight
As he struggles to pick up his cue
The Siamese twins
Have been glued down one side
But that part is hidden from view.

The juggler’s a struggle
Her strap’s ‘round the jugular
Jake hid her pills in his chest
While the man with no limbs
Just stares dead ahead
No worse off than all of the rest.

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