On Hold

Someone flicked the switch and off it went
Abnormal life has gone viral, and I should maybe also mention
That the effect of this unexpected societal suspension
Has been to examine the way in which some people feel as if
They can flout rules in their community to try and justify impunity

The kids’ education is paused and receiving more than a few dents
Not from the absent teachers, but from dangerously uninformed parents, who
Stubbornly insist that they know all about Shakespeare’s Montagues and Capulets
From reading dated study notes on overworked iPads and other tablets

Supermarkets tout themselves as the sanctuary for our souls
And, for a week or two, we sought to survive on a diet of freshly picked toilet rolls
The cashiers have been reinvented as store-front greeters
Welcoming that is, as long as we maintain a distance of more than 2 metres

So we’ve got customers queuing round the block
A chorus line for the in-store shopping trolley ballet
NHS people working round the clock
On the detection of infection for what seems too little pay

The news channels show we’ve got the planet on lockdown
In a Star Trek story, this is where they’d beam Spock down
That would seem the logical thing to do
This is just as bad as the Spanish flu

But it’s not.

Back then we suffered fifty million deaths
With children and artists drawing last breaths
So boyfriends, and girlfriends, and husbands, and wives
Eschew socialising, stay home and save lives

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