A Bride’s Walk

A Bride’s Walk, by Obadiah Wallace-Lloyd. Nickname “Barney”

Brief is a bride’s walk,
A dragonfly flash,
Love’s iridescent blink,
Transient petal born of dreamy growth.
Yet time hovers on our retinas,
Flirts with the optic nerve,
Investigates cells to
Save images of silk and grace,
Recall again her love lodged.

She is a gliding sun whose radiance fills
This special corridor,
Ephemeral isle.
She is who we came to see,
Drawn to unescorted solitude.
All her single self is
Borne along this one magic moment,
Precious seconds of serene swan,
Pageant’s mistress and maids,
Queen bee for days of honey,
Towards us, no, past us,
Past our submissive raison-d’etre,
Devoted to him.

Tut wonderful woodland flower
Looks cool,
But atoms of fire fly within,
Burn into his back, flames his northern hair,
A love that will not hide.
What washes over us is light,
Which in our corporate heart abides.

Brief is a bride’s walk
Out of pain, out of gloom,
To be beside the lasting side
Of her forever groom.

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