Snowflakes Landing

Fearful curtains slid aside,
on capitulating hooks.
The bunker bedroom blazed,
scimitar hit by silent flares,
from war-heavy parachutes,
assassins on mass miming daybreak,
dark crack troops in aim and guile.

Greens and browns succumbed,
to bridgehead evil fluttering,
battalions everywhere at once.
No wind assisted axis here,
only remorseless gravity,
kept helpless gardens flattened,
suppressed indigenous colour.

Accoutred with falling spikes,
frozen pikes and spears linked,
invasion iced a victory cake,
including field, roof and shed,
obliterated hope of cease-fire spring.
The tops of pots and regular posts,
bristling hexagon gunneries.

White spite ruled, naturally,
dangerous and pristine,
hard blanketed, universal
encroachment, domination.
Would blade or sod be seen again,
path told from peacetime lawn,
all underneath lie dead?

But out of strong came forth weakness,
the first drip on flag resistance,
watery runs down wood,
piled up look-outs lowered,
dendrite bonds, broken.
Barometer rose up and
the corps of elite surrendered.

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