Coming Together

Secrets are pulling us cheek for cheek.
The breath dust between us skits away,
As shirt and blouse mix a cocktail,
And the butter in our eyes,
And the twinning of our names,
And the print of skin on skin,
Arc welds us.

We are two wires chewing the same amps.
We are sofa singles dovetailed,
Making the double angle right.
Tenderly our pink trunks bond,
Our branched bodies carve a morticed joint.
A pillow is a workbench,
Reuniting wood.

Together rebel colours dock upon dance mats,
Where rumba reds and creamy carnivals,
Weave worn dead maudlin duty,
Back into riotous blend once more.
Found again passions cross,
The freshly vacuumed serpent floor,
Spitting love.

We climb the heavy spiral steps,
Our once helix of turret love.
Two ghosts walking along a blank passage,
Or bramble terrace tangled, aimless,
Long, so long and losing the will to flower.
We used to float up the stairwell,
Like ectoplasm.

Once we were two maiden streams,
Who splashed together.
Once we were bubbles bursting each other.
Stones took our wet clothes off.
We did not care where eddies hid them.
However water drama passed
We did not see beyond each other.

One thought on “Coming Together

  1. Wow this is a wonderfully written and conceived piece of poetry that seems particularly relevant to relationship within the context of Pandemic. I love the originality of the imagery and the extended use of metaphor. Really a triumph, a really interesting read. Geoff

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