Snowflakes Landing

Fearful curtains slid aside, on capitulating hooks. The bunker bedroom blazed, scimitar hit by silent flares, from war-heavy parachutes, assassins on mass miming daybreak, dark crack troops in aim and guile. Greens and browns succumbed, to bridgehead evil fluttering, battalions everywhere at once. No wind assisted axis here, only remorseless gravity, kept helpless gardens flattened,Continue reading “Snowflakes Landing”

Kingsbury Water Park

Water Park. Lake is a writhing boil, wind-scratched agonies, chipped and chopped, knocked, bopped, torn up, squirming puddles of wild water, once level, now heaped-up pleading arms. They scud across usurped mirrors and skiffs from Tamworth Club, gash, slice, chisel, churn them up into rashes, watched by stiff marshals who wield orange power and speed,Continue reading “Kingsbury Water Park”

Ivy and the White Tree

Ivy and the White Tree. Ivy, ambitious strangler in order to climb, to evolution’s ignorant, ultimate, patient kill, from infantile pinch matures, a furious fibrous vice. Spiral claws grab the white tree, attitude hardening all the time, grizzled arms embrace like antibodies after foreign parts, frenzied, sustained year by year. Isostatic grip, iron squeeze, slowlyContinue reading “Ivy and the White Tree”

Cold, Dark, Silent, Empty

Cold, dark, silent, empty Owl tealight and blue Delft pot radiate frost to make room air shiver. Shag pile icicles bit feet and above, entombed in bitterness an anaglypta wall, witnesses wedding bed sweats congeal. Place is how winter fields feel and where fire smiled, ash and ashen faces refrigerate. Welcome mat invisible and BlessContinue reading “Cold, Dark, Silent, Empty”

A Bride’s Walk

A Bride’s Walk, by Obadiah Wallace-Lloyd. Nickname “Barney” Brief is a bride’s walk, A dragonfly flash, Love’s iridescent blink, Transient petal born of dreamy growth. Yet time hovers on our retinas, Flirts with the optic nerve, Investigates cells to Save images of silk and grace, Recall again her love lodged. She is a gliding sunContinue reading “A Bride’s Walk”