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  • Coming Together
    Secrets are pulling us cheek for cheek. The breath dust between us skits away, As shirt and blouse mix a cocktail, And the butter in our eyes, And the twinning of our names, And the print of skin on skin, Arc welds us. We are two wires chewing the same amps. We are sofa singlesContinue reading “Coming Together”
  • Snowflakes Landing
    Fearful curtains slid aside, on capitulating hooks. The bunker bedroom blazed, scimitar hit by silent flares, from war-heavy parachutes, assassins on mass miming daybreak, dark crack troops in aim and guile. Greens and browns succumbed, to bridgehead evil fluttering, battalions everywhere at once. No wind assisted axis here, only remorseless gravity, kept helpless gardens flattened,Continue reading “Snowflakes Landing”
  • Gift Of Salad Leaves
    The gift orbits past oak giants, where outer darkness between park and fence, conceals a donation of tender growth. Through nebulous tendrils and a rough bark way, it steals in order to give, steel resolve annealed by soft reason, quiet incursion into mildew, lichen and a gently rotting larch lap gate, to find twig tipsContinue reading “Gift Of Salad Leaves”
  • Kingsbury Water Park
    Water Park. Lake is a writhing boil, wind-scratched agonies, chipped and chopped, knocked, bopped, torn up, squirming puddles of wild water, once level, now heaped-up pleading arms. They scud across usurped mirrors and skiffs from Tamworth Club, gash, slice, chisel, churn them up into rashes, watched by stiff marshals who wield orange power and speed,Continue reading “Kingsbury Water Park”
  • Water Park
    Water Park. Lake is a writhing weather boil of agonies. They skim across once level mirrors and skiffs from Tamworth Club gash, slice, chisel, churn them up into rashes, watched by stiff marshals who who wield orange power and speed, irrespective of the wind, tack stitches over the cuts. I am mesmerized by frantic passionContinue reading “Water Park”
  • Ivy and the White Tree
    Ivy and the White Tree. Ivy, ambitious strangler in order to climb, to evolution’s ignorant, ultimate, patient kill, from infantile pinch matures, a furious fibrous vice. Spiral claws grab the white tree, attitude hardening all the time, grizzled arms embrace like antibodies after foreign parts, frenzied, sustained year by year. Isostatic grip, iron squeeze, slowlyContinue reading “Ivy and the White Tree”
  • Cold, Dark, Silent, Empty
    Cold, dark, silent, empty Owl tealight and blue Delft pot radiate frost to make room air shiver. Shag pile icicles bit feet and above, entombed in bitterness an anaglypta wall, witnesses wedding bed sweats congeal. Place is how winter fields feel and where fire smiled, ash and ashen faces refrigerate. Welcome mat invisible and BlessContinue reading “Cold, Dark, Silent, Empty”
  • A Bride’s Walk
    A Bride’s Walk, by Obadiah Wallace-Lloyd. Nickname “Barney” Brief is a bride’s walk, A dragonfly flash, Love’s iridescent blink, Transient petal born of dreamy growth. Yet time hovers on our retinas, Flirts with the optic nerve, Investigates cells to Save images of silk and grace, Recall again her love lodged. She is a gliding sunContinue reading “A Bride’s Walk”
  • Noctuary
    Noctuary Mottled because of mountains, a completed disc high over and above us, spheroidal satellite, dishy, awesome and radiant, stretches necks to wonder if she might fall, might fly away at warp 9, wander into our waiting room to be a guest of zoom. She suspends darkness, is Ariel, aerialist without a wire, kind ofContinue reading “Noctuary”
  • Sun Setting
    Sun Setting Late May dries out an apron wedge a lawn white wash, grass raked stage cloth with bright rhododendra brushed into the backdrop a wife who thinks in a chair of moulded impasto encompassing comfort and stomach full of chicken slice, garden pots, veg and earthly beer. She beams, worships, kissed by beams growsContinue reading “Sun Setting”
  • Testing Testing
    Testing, testing one, two, three No time to get to four I’m bursting for a pee using my pee shooter.
  • Test entry
    Not at my best doing any kind of test I look forward to the end of quest when I can have a good long rest. Hope I have not messed up this one chance achieved with zest if not accuracy. Blessed with a good wife I’ve been. Soon I shall divest myself of breath, quitContinue reading “Test entry”
  • On Hold
    Someone flicked the switch and off it went Abnormal life has gone viral, and I should maybe also mention That the effect of this unexpected societal suspension Has been to examine the way in which some people feel as if They can flout rules in their community to try and justify impunity The kids’ educationContinue reading “On Hold”
  • Mr. Charcoal Grey-Suit
    Andy walked down to the station to catch the 7:20 into the city as he had done for the last ten years. Ahead of him he noticed the adjacent backsides of Mr. and Mrs. Glum – as he called them – who waddled along slowly in a forlorn heads-down manner. Andy reckoned he’d catch upContinue reading “Mr. Charcoal Grey-Suit”
  • Rocket Money
    Little Johnny wants a rocket Got some money in his pocket Not enough to ensure purchase So he walks the neighbour’s lurchers As his neighbour’s rather lazy And the dogs are going crazy Which is not all that surprising Dogs like that need exercising “I’ll do that!” is John’s demand “If you give me cashContinue reading “Rocket Money”
  • Step Right This Way
    The bearded lady Has scars on her wrists She cries as they tell her the news And the clown with his gout And his oversized feet Can’t fit in his oversized shoes. The dwarf stands tall Takes a drink from his flask Then coughs up the phlegm in his chest And the dog-faced boy RipsContinue reading “Step Right This Way”
  • Wartime and the Last Carriage Man in Solihull
    Janus sits on the wobbly, precarious plinth of our dangerous present time. One face looks back serenely to the accomplished past, his other, forward facing, scans future hopes and perils. An object or a document from history can conjure the Roman god to a previous era. A particular day in the past is shown asContinue reading “Wartime and the Last Carriage Man in Solihull”
  • Dunblane
    The shroud of death upon their faces their complexion a grey hue, and yet that smile of innocence bright light that pulls me through. But no, that was a memory flickering in the dark my mind protecting me from all I see life snuffed out my little spark. Incomprehensible loss, such fear It can’t beContinue reading “Dunblane”
  • Patience Before Passion, or the Road of Comprehension
    When I think about my stepfather, one story in particular springs to mind. It was summer 1992, right before breaking from school. I was experiencing an enormous crush on an older boy who I rode the school bus daily with. At fourteen, a girl, who never had a boyfriend before, is destined to think thatContinue reading “Patience Before Passion, or the Road of Comprehension”
  • Looking Back
    The door swung open and a waft of warm air, heavy with the scent of summer blossom floated unbidden into the little room. Emma Silvers turned and smiled. “Well! If it’s not darling Donald – adventurer extraordinaire. Are you just passing or have you a mind to stay?” “Questions, questions Em. Always questions. Aren’t youContinue reading “Looking Back”
  • Then and Now
    I received my first lesson in food snobbery when in my early twenties in (of all places) a Bernie Inn in Reading. I had asked for tomato sauce in which to dip my chips and had received, to my surprise, a fresh tomato salsa while a gaggle of waiters had a giggle at my expense.Continue reading “Then and Now”

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