Wartime and the Last Carriage Man in Solihull

Janus sits on the wobbly, precarious plinth of our dangerous present time. One face looks back serenely to the accomplished past, his other, forward facing, scans future hopes and perils. An object or a document from history can conjure the Roman god to a previous era. A particular day in the past is shown asContinue reading “Wartime and the Last Carriage Man in Solihull”

Patience Before Passion, or the Road of Comprehension

When I think about my stepfather, one story in particular springs to mind. It was summer 1992, right before breaking from school. I was experiencing an enormous crush on an older boy who I rode the school bus daily with. At fourteen, a girl, who never had a boyfriend before, is destined to think thatContinue reading “Patience Before Passion, or the Road of Comprehension”