Programme for 2019/2020

We usually meet on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month.

Drop us a line for more info.

Solihull Writers  •  Programme 2019-20

All meetings to start promptly at 7.30pm.There will be a 15 minute break at 8.30pm for chat & refreshment.
Set options are guidelines to be used if desired, but open reading of other works by members is equally encouraged.


September 11 : Paul

Finalise programme / Read & discuss: option: “aliens” (not necessarily sci-fi) 


September 25 : Isobel

Read & discuss: option “pets” (fact or fiction)


October 9 : Hansa

Self-publishing & marketing workshop with Peter Lay


October 23 : Dawn

Read & discuss: option “Halloween” (ghost story or poem or factual) 


November 13 : Jacqueline

Short story. Start or finish with this quotation (max 500 words):

“I didn’t know you had a sister, Eustace”

“Oh, didn’t you? Well, as a matter of fact, I have two.”

“Tell me about them.”

  ‘The Sixth Heaven’ by L P Hartley


November 27 : Jessie

Read & discuss / descriptive writing; option “A favourite or memorable view”

(hand in fiction comp entries) 


December 11 : Paul

Christmas jollies: bring a hat, some eats & a small gift (around £3) / option: seasonal comedy


January 8

Fiction competition adjudication


January 22 : Richard

Present & discuss: 5-minute dramas; short plays for 2-5 people (with audio sound effects if possible) / option: “a bit of a do.” 

(hand in non-fiction comp entries)


February 12 : David

Flash fiction – maximum 200 words: no option 


February 26

Non-fiction workshop / competition adjudication with Andrew Sparke; theme “The past has mystery ..”


March 11 : Richard

What is poetry? exercises and discussion: option “secrets” 


March 25 : Ruth

Character exploration: option “Who was it?”

(hand in poetry comp entries)


April 8 : Richard

Read & discuss: option “a moment in history” 


April 22

Open Mic night (venue & compere needed) 


May 13

Poetry competition adjudication


May 27

Read & discuss: option: “my pet hate(s)” (your own or in character) 


June 10 ; Ruth

Dialogue workshop – monologues & duologues in a specified location 


June 24

Read & discuss: creative children’s stories – max 200 words (specify age): option “Big &/or Little” 


July 8 : Paul

AGM + programme planning / visit rail station to make notes if time allows 


July 22

Read & discuss: option “at the railway station” (short play, story, poem or description)


Competition rules: fiction max 1000 words; poem max 40 lines; article max 1000 words.

Submit all entries under a false name.

Further info:

i) “Open Readings” are now renamed “Critiqued Readings” to put an emphasis on how we ought to be giving constructive criticism rather than just being entertained.

ii) Readings can be previously circulated online if desired.

iii) Each Reading to last no more than 5 minutes, followed by a 3 minute constructive critique session.

iv) Further critiques can be continued online where requested.

v) We will start Critiqued Readings meetings with a 5 minute writing exercise to get the creative juices flowing, but will not read out the results (unless there is time to spare at the end).

Options are for guidance if desired; other items also welcome / a short exercise will start each session. Longer writings can be circulated by email a minimum of a week in advance if desired.

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